Sneakerheads Rejoice! LeBron James Is Set To Produce A Comedy Series About A Shoe Store

11Aug - by FaizanWilliamson

LeBron’s Latest Business Venture Is A TV Show

HBO and SpringHill Entertainment–ta company run by LeBron James and his business partner Maverick Carter–reached a deal to develop a comedy series that revolves around a sneaker store. This news comes as part SpringHill’s developmental deal with Warner Bros. Also apart the partnership, which was initiated in 2015, is going to include the highly-anticipated sequel to Space Jam.

The HBO show is said to “centers on two best friends and their wild employees at an up-and-coming sneaker shop outside L.A., where they take on the insane and obsessive world sneaker culture.” It will be written by Shawn Wines and Lemon Andersen, with Wines serving as a co-executive producer with LeBron James and his partner Carter.

There is no ficial word on when the show will air, though since this is a developmental deal, that likely means the show will at least get a pilot with no guarantee that it will be made into an actual series.