Sweeter Than A Plate Of Yams With Extra Syrup: Big Boi Gifts Paralyzed 5-Year-Old With A Puppy

11Aug - by BarbaraDunlop

Big Boi Gives Puppy To A Very Deserving Young Fan

Get ready for your eyes to sweat, y’all.

A 5-year-old girl from Georgia named Abriya Ellison was left paralyzed from the waist down after being shot by an unknown gunman in April. When the incident happened, she was outside playing in a bouncy castle. ATLien Big Boi heard her story and decided to help out the little girl by gifting her with a bulldog puppy, that will eventually be trained to be her service dog.

Big Boi does a lot business with puppies, he owns a dog breeding kennel in Atlanta, Pitfall Kennels, where he helps breed bulldogs. Daddy Fat Saxxx said his brother is the one who saw Abriya’s story on the news, “my brother saw her story that morning,” he told WSB-TV. “He was like, ‘bruh, we gotta do something for this little girl.’”

The sweet little girl’s mother, Andreauna Douglas, is very thankful for the gift. She told a reporter, “she’s been asking for a service dog] for the longest time and I know that a puppy that she can take care and now she has responsibility, it’s going to do nothing but help her.”

In addition to his already good deed, Big Boi has also pledged to cover any veterinary costs that King might require in the future and cover the full cost Ellison’s medical bills. In addition, he will also pay to transform her home bathroom so that it is handicap accessible.

It’s so goooood watching rappers do good. Salute Big Boi!

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