I Got Hidden Valley In My Bag, Swag: Vince Staples Demolishes Some Hot Wings

12Aug - by FaizanWilliamson

Vince Staples Is A Certified Hot Food Specialist

Over the past few years, its become a fact that “Vince Staples interview” and “pure comedy” are synonymous. The young rapper from Long Beach is always has a way making anything entertaining by talking about mundane things in an outrageous way. Staples joined First We Feast’s show Hot Ones on Thursday and seemingly has the time his life, toting his own bottle Hidden Valley Ranch to attack the 10 hot wings at hand.

Even the guests on the program who claim to be spicy food connoisseurs have at least a little trouble towards the end the program, but Vince doesn’t flinch once. He gives entertaining insight on everything from being on Snoop Dogg’s little league football team when he was younger, to playing  Logic in video games.

Vince also brings up his disdain for interviewers who references other interviews in their questioning. Since he’s become known for his exuberant video personality, Staples mentioned that the two interviews he had today were the first in forever that didn’t bait him with stupid questions.

Everything Vince Staples does is lowkey comedy gold, so watching him demolish some spicy wings in the process is just a plus.