So Sad: Woman Kills Her Kids, Husband’s Girlfriend, And Herself After Custody Battle

12Aug - by FaizanWilliamson

Suicide Note Tells Estranged Husband To Rot

Last month, a mother commit suicide after killing both her children and the new girlfriend her estranged husband. Now, the three suicide notes penned by the woman, Jessica Edens, have been revealed. Her and her husband Ben Edens were going through a custody battle over their children, which is one the reasons that seems to have led Jessica to do the unthinkable. One the suicide notes to her husband says, “I hope you rot one day for what you have done to me and my kids. You can no longer hurt us. We are at peace. I hope you live with pain and shame and guilt for the rest your life.”

Edens shot and killed her husband’s girlfriend, and her body was found behind the wheel her car in a parking garage. She then shot both her children, ages 5 and 9, in the head before she turned the gun on herself. They were found locked inside the woman’s jeep with the engine still running.

The woman also wrote a note to her first husband, who was the father her 9 year old son she shot, saying, “To Nate, I don’t know what to say. You gave me my first child. I will forever be grateful because you. I never meant to cause you as much pain as this. I am sorry.”