Danny Brown Finally Repairs His Chipped Tooth: ‘I’m Going Thru Changes’ [PHOTO]

10Sep - by FaizanWilliamson

If you are a fan Danny Brown, then you would know that one the most unique features about him — outside his lyricism — is his chipped tooth. For years, the Detroit MC vowed to never get it fixed, until now. Yes, Brown has a new row pearly whites.

Stereogum reports that the 36-year-old rapper got some new veneers to replace his teeth. He confirmed it during his Snapchat session (see the photo above). When fans asked Danny on Twitter why he decided to upgrade his grill, he quoted metal god Ozzy Osbourne. ā€œIā€™m going thru changes,ā€ he tweeted.

Danny joins a number rappers who got their teeth fixed. Last year, Fabolous repaired his chipped tooth. The Brooklyn rhymer spent $40,000 for 10 new veneers as a birthday present to himself. Fetty Wap reportedly paid to have 20 porcelain veneers put in top and bottom at $4,000 per tooth. In the end, the 25-year-old rapper spent $80,000 for his new chompers.

There’s no word on how much Danny paid for his top row teeth, but he has a great smile now.

Danny Brown will be hitting the road in the fall. Among his concert gigs is his annual Bruiser Thanksgiving 4 show with Lil B, which takes place at Detroit’s Club Fantasy on Nov. 22. You can check out his itinerary at Songkick.com.

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