Jim Jones Gives Live Updates on Hurricane Irma in Florida [VIDEO]

10Sep - by StevenLucchesi

South Florida is about to get hit with a deluge inclimate weather as Hurricane Irma is about a day away from making landfall in Florida. While most people are making their way out the Sunshine State, rapper Jim Jones, unfortunately, is stuck in Miami and plans to ride out the storm.

But don’t fret, the Harlemite is going to make the best it. Jones has been posting a series videos updating his fans on Hurricane Irama. “It’s your n—- the meteorologist,” he says in one his hilarious clips he posted to his IG page. “We got some things we really need to talk about. I heard Key West, Homestead, y’all really need to get the f— out there,” he continues warning people to get the hell out dodge.

In another video, Jones is at the beach warning people to not go into the ocean, as if that’s not obvious enough. “It’s choppy out here. Don’t go to the beach motherf—er. It’s that simple,” he warns.

In his latest vid above, Jones is on the balcony, wearing a hefty coat, explaining the different storm categories from one to five with five being the worst. According to CNN, Irma is now a Category 3 storm with heavy winds and rain. Jones jokingly compares Category 3 as a situation in which your run out weed and can’t find your plug to re-up.

Although Jones is making light his dire situation, this storm is no joke. Hurricane Irma is expected to cause a lot severe damage in the state Florida. Honestly, we are still surprised that Jones is getting cell phone reception right now. That won’t last too long.

In any case, we want Jim Jones and his ladylove, Chrissy, to stay safe. Best luck!

Check out Capo’s live updates above and below.

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