Have A Coke & A Seat: Tyrese Is STILL Writing Bibles To The Rock On IG Over His New Movie Deal

12Sep - by EvelynSutherland21

Tyrese Is STILL Addressing The Rock

Go to sleep, Jody!

Tyrese is not letting up with the Hobbs movie thing. Yesterday the Fast and Furious survivor went online to passive aggressively address actor The Rock after he revealed he was working on a solo movie deal based on his Fast and Furious character. That really ruffled Tyrese, who wrote a 4-page letter in The Rocks comments filled with angst and other fake deep stuff.

Today, Black Ty is writing paragraphs faster than an upset teenage girl with a diary. He’s begging The Rock to stop his coins because he feels like his kid’s private school is threatened? Boy, WHET?!

Why is Tyrese acting like he has to go back to the plantation if The Rock makes his movie? What are we supposed to do with him y’all??!

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