Can’t Pray The Law Away: Chance The Rapper Is Being Sued For Copyright Infringement

13Sep - by EvelynSutherland21

Chance The Rapper Is Being Sued For Old Song

Abdul Wali Muhammad—formerly known as Eric P. Saunders—has sued Chance The Rapper for copyright infringement. Muhammad is suing Chance over the track “Windows,” which is featured on his first mixtape from 2012, 10 Day.

Though the song came out 5 years ago, Muhammad claims he reached out to Chance’s management team when he became aware “Windows” this past spring, because he never gave permission to use the sample–so he’s suing for infringement. He’s also requested that Chance cease any attempts to sell the track, which is probably a long shot since he has always made his music free–especially his first mixtape.

“Windows” actually uses a sample Apollo Brown’s “A Bridge Through Time,” which samples Smith’s “A Bridge Through Time.” Brown is credited as a producer on the 10 Day track. Chance has not yet commented on the situation, but since the song was never released for any sort prit it’ll be a hard sell for a lawsuit. Chance The Rapper has been criticized by collaborators and producers many times before for not paying them for their work, but since he releases them as free mixtapes, he’s technically not breaking any rules.