SMH: McDonald’s Manager Tells Hispanic Customer She’s Going To Be Deported

13Sep - by MarthaCobb

SMH: McDonald’s Manager Tells Hispanic Customer She’s Going To Be Deported

McDonald’s Manager Fired Over Remarks To A Hispanic Customer

In a video posted to her Facebook page, Wendy Rios showed everyone what happened to her at a McDonald’s drive-thru in Charlotte, NC this past week. The female store manager insulted Rios at the window, probably due to her accent and appearance as she was a Hispanic–she also flipped her f behind the tint the window. After the initial insults, Wendy began recording, and the manager continued to display her unpressional and blatantly rude attitude toward the customer.

At one point in the video, the employee keeps asking Rios, “can you spell ‘Donald Trump’?” which is later followed by, “can you spell ‘deportation’?” It was more than clear before that the manager was being outwardly disrespectful to the customer, but her uttering those words is where it got really terrible. Another employee came to the window to try to get Wendy to leave so she could serve the rest the drive-thru patrons.

McDonald’s issued a statement afterwards stating the following: “The actions this employee are inexcusable and in no way reflect the strong values McDonald’s and my organization place on diversity, inclusion and providing a welcoming experience for our customers. This individual is no longer employed at my restaurant and we have expressed our sincerest apologies to the customer for this situation.”

SMH. Imagine losing your job over a happy meal.