There's a New Vending Machine That Could Eliminate Bodegas and People Aren't Here For It

13Sep - by StevenLucchesi

Today, Fast Company shared a prile written about two former Google employees who want to replace bodegas with vending machine pantries called Bodega, filled with non-perishable items, hoping to make bodegas extinct. If that idea sounds crazy, it’s because it kind is.

Who can replace the haven that bodegas are during nights out when you get the munchies, or the rapport with your bodega guy who always knows exactly what you want and asks about your day? Bodegas are a pinnacle part any community in big cities like New York and Los Angeles, and are ten run by immigrants who make their living this way.

With the elimination the beloved corner stores looming, people weren't super thrilled about this new idea — and took to Twitter to call out the new machine.

See some their reactions below. 

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