Nasaan is your favorite artist's favorite artist

13Oct - by FaizanWilliamson

Nasaan is your favorite artist's favorite artist

1. For those that don’t know who you are give us a brief description about where you are from and what you do.

Whats good, My names Nasaan. I’m from Detroit, but Atlanta Raised me, and I make music *Shrug* I don’t know. Introduction questions are always weird for me.

2. There is so many dues that need to be paid from up and coming artists to gain respect and notoriety in the rap game. Give us a break down how that independent process has been for you and why did you choose to use your own name when you could have easily got a verse and a cosign from one the biggest rappers all time?

I just don’t like hand outs you know? To an extent. Its like first playing grand theft auto or some s*** and putting in all the cheat codes in from the jump you get me? Its like wheres the fun in that or the story you know? I still get advice from them and their team and they have their hands on my stuff time to time to help out but like when i first started only Mr. porter knew and from rip i was like “whatever you do, DON’T TELL EM I RAP!” I wanted no help at all but as soon as all 3 us got together… well you can guess what he did.

3. Name three things that you have to have “On time” and why?

Ummm, My Food, My check, and my Drag. You gotta have the fly pieces at ALL TIME, ON TIME.

4. How important is versatility to you and do you have plans to make genre bending music or are you focused on being the best rapper out Detroit?

Versatility is key for me. Thats always been my thing I wanted to be able to hold my own with the lyricist, can hold a note or two, but then can go dumb it down with the quote on quote “mumble rappers”. As right now my focus is to keep up with diversity until i have a super loyal support base and become …. just…. humongous.

5. The state the black community in Michigan as it relates to violence has been a focal point to media for some years now. Do see that changing anytime soon and what type progress down the line do you imagine your platform creating for the people in your city?

Do I see that changing? Honestly like I try not to think about it too much it bothers me and I’m confused as to why it goes on. Im not too sure if its an age thing or like what. But hopefully and all i can do is pray that my image and platform persuade people from Detroit to move the right way.

6. Who are your top 5 Greatest MCs all time and why?

My top five looks something like: Rocky, Drake, Kendrick, Travis, Wayne. Reason being like they ALL have a crazy impact on music as well as on me. Whether it be the actual music itself or just them, I feel they shifted cultural and I f*** with that.

7. There happens to be a new area in Hip Hop/ Rap Culture now, with the introduction “Mumble rap” give us a description where your music falls on the genre spectrum Rap music.

Id say if there was a medium between the “Lyrical, Spiritual, Miracles” and “Mumble Rap” id fit there. Whats that? Regular rap? S*** i don’t know.

8. What more can fans expect to receive from you before the year is up?

SILK the EP. Period

9. Give one piece advice to that aspiring artist that may not know that steps it takes to become successful.

As corny as it sounds bro, just keep pushing. I talk to a lot you guys in my DM’s and i tell you guys the same thing. Like this s*** gets discouraging along the way but you got it bro. Also nobody opinion matters but YOURS. Im battling myself with that now.

10. Where can the people find out more about Nasaan?

S*** google me I guess haha!

Nasaan is your favorite artist's favorite artist

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