Son Of Jurassic 5 Qaasim Givens Still Scamming @qaasi_moe_doe

13Oct - by FaizanWilliamson

The eldest son Jurassic 5 Akil Talib and older brother Snubb Frankenstien is still a ratchet good for nothing piece human waste.

Who steals $200 pretending to be stranded in another state only to try to cover it up once it is found out by saying they are incarcerated in the jail in Atlanta…. If anyone can find a jail record Qaasim Givens born Dec 28, 1991, I will pay this kid 5k!

Butttt there isn’t one… not a single arrest record for sept 11 2017 in the Atlanta Georgia so not only did this j****** steal over $200 pretending to be in jail but when it came time to try and see if he could be bonded out the psycho then tries to get $2200 which is a FELONY THEFT in all 50 states and yes attempting to steal anything over 1k is considered grand theft no matter where you live.. google it or check out the law here.

Son Of Jurassic 5 Qaasim Givens Still Scamming @qaasi_moe_doe


This dude belongs in PRISON and so go here to check out all the receipts here where he was put on blast on good ol twitter. These scammers better learn the internet can make or break you so watch who you f*** with because no one in this world that can pay you a living wage or even Mcdonalds is going to hire someone who has SCAM SCAM SCAM All over the internet and yes everyone gets googled now EVERYONE this dude is going to get the life karma lesson he deserves when he looks for a job for the next 5 years. What you do to other people will be done to you in some way shape or form and if you rob people you will end up broke or in prison or homeless.

I hope this dude gets what he deserves and how you keep robbing people when you been put on blast for 2 years for being a con?  Might as well move into a jail cell cuz it’s coming