Baauer Is Suing The FCC Only Hours After They Succeeded In Repealing Net Neutrality

15Dec - by EvelynSutherland21

In a day where the FCC is literally the most hated arm the government (which takes work considering the executive’s approval rating), we get a moment wonderful and hilarious karmic news. Yesterday the FCC absolutely stupidly forgot to license Baauer’s ultra viral hit ‘Harlem Shake’ in the most cringe attempt to be cool ever.

Ajit Pai and his endlessly punch-able face uploaded this video trying to demonstrate what people can still do after net neutrality was repealed. Oddly enough ‘sue for copyright infringement’ was not on the list. Yet that is exactly what is happening to Pai and the FCC right now.

Out all heroes on Twitter the parody Diplo stepped up to ask Baauer if the FCC got rights to the song. Obviously they didn’t and Baauer announced that he would be taking legal action. Will this make any long term difference? No. Is it super satisfying. Yes.