Rolling Stone Share Their Bizarre Choices For Top 20 EDM Albums of 2017

15Dec - by MarthaCobb

As we wrap up the 2017 year, more and more publications have began to share their best lists. As dance music continues to rise in popularity, Rolling Stone took it upon themselves to share their best EDM and electronic albums 2017 and it’s just bizarre.

“The amount fascinating electronic and/or dance music in 2017 was staggering – the thrilling dance-floor eccentricity Lanark Artefax; the overwhelming orchestral ambience Gas; the thumb-piano street jams Sierra Leone’s Kondi Band; the riotous bedroom mash-ups Nidia and plenty more,” writes Rolling Stone.

So without further adieu, here were Rolling Stone’s top picks for the best albums the year.

Best Electronic Music Albums 2017 According to Rolling Stone

10. DJ Sports – Modern Species
9. Arca – Arca
8. Stormzy – Gang Signs & Prayer
7. Equiknoxx – Colon Man
6. Nídia – Nídia é Má, Nídia é Fudida
5. Daphni – Joli Mai
4. Kondi Band – Salone
3. Traxman – Tekvision
2. Lanark Artefax – Whities 011
1. Jlin – Black Origami

Sorry Rezz, Illenium, and The Chainsmokers, no love from Rolling Stone.

See 11-20 on Rolling Stone.